Adjustable Table Leg Extenders

Adjustable Table Leg Extenders

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Our own design table leg extenders improve on a common method of raising tables.

For straight leg tables with no cross support or table legs with a cross support greater than 12" high, these leg extensions will raise your table 4,5,6,7 or 8 inches simply by moving the bolt to the desired level.<p>

Works with most any folding table with leg diameters of 1.5" or less.  However, you tables legs must have at least 12" from floor to first bend or crossbar on each leg for full range of adjustments.

15 inches tall and 1.5 inches inside diameter, these extenders will accommodate table legs up to 1.5" inch in diameter without the foam insert and 3/4" with it. The adjustable leg stop bolt does not require any other support. Easy on and off with no tools required. Perfect for portable display tables and more!  And, since most tables have four legs, you get four extenders with each set!

Made of high strength PVC plastic with black vinyl foot these extenders won't damage most floor coverings. Foam inserts help secure the extenders to the table legs for table placement and to prevent additional wobble. Simple to install with no tools required.

* Note: For tables with a 7" or higher cross-support bar, you may also use either of our adjustable extenders for greater flexibility!